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I love this article. I want to read the actual study instead of the watered down version for us lay people. Read this final quote, I find it really interesting in light of my studies in Peace & War, specifically, new understandings of International relations post-Westphalian-models of nation identity:

"Of course, humans beings are not cooperating angels; they also put their heads together to do all kinds of heinous deeds. But such deeds are not usually done to those inside “the group.” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.” The remarkable human capacity for cooperation thus seems to have evolved mainly for interactions within the group. Such group-mindedness is a major cause of strife and suffering in the world today. The solution — more easily said than done — is to find new ways to define the group."
-Michael Tomasello

The whole article is here
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Quote of Note:
"We don't need Republican roads or Democratic roads. We need roads. We don't need Republican healthcare or Democratic healthcare. We need healthcare. We don't need Republican clean air or Democratic clean air. We all breathe the same air. When California's leaders have worked together, we have accomplished great things."
-Excerpt from California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's inaugural remarks

The line "We all breathe the same air" comes from a speech made by John F Kennedy in 1963.

The entire speech seems oriented towards encouraging a post-partisan or centrist ideology. It'll be interesting to see how Schwarzenegger's second term turns out and if he'll go on to the Senate in future years.

(There's a good article detailing the inauguration of Schwarzenegger in the LAtimes)
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Re: Weather Trends and it's affect on the US's attitude towards global warming

Quote of Note:
"“The East Coast of the United States, and particularly the mid-Atlantic region, did not warm nearly as much as rest of globe over the 20th century,” Dr. Mann said. “And that’s where the decision-making is going on.”"

From the article The Ununited States, When It Comes to the Weather by Andrew C Revkin of the New York Times


Dec. 11th, 2006 10:21 am
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Real Estate and the Single Woman
Or, how more single women are buying homes.

Oh how the world goes round.
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Caption: “We wanted to shake people up and let them know this is a grave situation,” said Bryan Black, an executive vice president with Deutsch in New York. In addition to the print ad, his firm proposed a mock magazine that would be aimed at readers who live in a polluted future.

Check out the article where I found it here or by searching the New York Times for the article entitled: "A Terrible Thing to Waste. Or Try This."


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