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Just wanted to pimp a couple of things that have come across my f-list.

A multifandom female friendship ficathon! It can be found here: [livejournal.com profile] galpalficathon This sounds really awesome. It's also called:

I Will Not Be Afraid of Women
A Female Friendships Ficathon

It's not your usual ficathon either, no sign ups or claims. You can submit prompts, like "Martha and Rose, a ball of string". Then, come posting time, you can take whatever prompts you want and have a blast. It sounds very cool.

The second one is for PIRATES!!!

It's [livejournal.com profile] merrypirates ficathon hosted by [livejournal.com profile] penknife Get your fix of PIRATES!


Also, can anyone help me find a FIC?! I don't even know how to search for it. The Doctor Who fandom is too large. I don't know how I ran into it originally.

ETA: Found it!! =)

Anyway, this fic is almost like a Family of Blood AU, but only in the sense that the Doctor forgets who he is and thinks he's a human man with a wife and children. Essentially, he's been kidnapped and people are trying to steal his brain in a JAR. And Rose, Jackie, and Jack are trying to rescue him, but him being an amnesiac isn't helping matters. Does this strike a bell with anyone?


In other news, I am watching Classic Who with Tom Baker and Lalla Ward. I love Romana II. Love, love, love. I also maybe want her pink coat. Heh.
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Oh, it's been updated! How Rose Took Over the Universe

Also, I wrote a fic! I've been working on a prompt for the [livejournal.com profile] rose_lives Getting-From-There-To-Here Ficfest. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to beta?? I am looking for some constructive critique, some help on developing the themes, and the regular beta stuff (like making sure I stay in a single tense and that I make sense...) You can comment here if you're interested in helping! It's less than 4,500 words.
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title. A Submerged Flower
author. Mirageofmae
fandom. Life (a show you should be watching if you are not already)
summary. Dani gets a little older every day.
notes. set in an undetermined future, I've seen up to ep 10, Fill it Up, but there are no specific spoilers. Could be read as Charlie/Dani, but it's gen.
rating. PG


He's getting that look again. )
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TITLE. One Step Forward…
AUTHOR. mirageofmae
RATING. General Audience
DISCLAIMER. I do not own Stargate Atlantis or any of the characters or concepts related. I am merely borrowing.
SPOILERS. The Return Part 1
SUMMARY. One step forward, five steps back. Takes place in the span of 6-weeks where Teyla and the Athosians settle in their new home. Teyla-gen fic.
She takes a step forward and does not look back. )
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Wreck of the Day
Or Five Ways Elizabeth Hasn’t Forgotten

By Mirageofmae (darkerdreamer9 at yahoo dot com)
Disclaimer: I’m a poor college student; of course I don’t own anything. Stargate: Atlantis belongs to someone else and the lyrics below are Anna Nalick’s Wreck of the Day.
Summary: A solid victory isn’t enough to cover the scars. (A reactionary piece to The Siege)
Pairing: John/Elizabeth friendship and some UST
Note 1: This is for the swficathon and I was assigned familyarchives who wanted Teyla and Liz friendship, mention of Peter and Ford. She didn’t want needlessly silly/dark angst, polka, Rodney McKay being anything more than a plot point. Hope this fits the criteria!!!
Spoilers: The Siege parts 1-3, takes place after but with no spoilers for specific season 2 episodes (except a mention of Ronon.)
Ratings: For Everyone (if you watch the show, you can read this)

Driving away from the wreck of the day )


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