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2009-05-13 10:25 am
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Obligatory Star Trek 09/ STXI / STR Post

This is where I babble incoherently and link to things....

Disclaimer: I'm not a hard-core trekkie by any means, but I'm pretty familiar with a lot of the canon in a general sort of way. My parents love Trek and I've seen all of the movies and caught a lot of the television shows, although never in order and never on purpose (like, watching it when it's on or when someone else is watching it.) I've been slowly working my way through the Original Series because I was so hyped up about this movie and I'm going to continue that... but I'm by no means a purist and I've never really dabbled in this fandom either. But... the last part looks like it's changing because I'm obsessing over this film like crazy!

I took my Mum for Mother's Day and then saw it on Imax with a friend the other day. And I really want to see it again.... I NEED an icon stat! Oh the pain of having to give up one of my old icons...

Anyway, onto the squee!

FIRST!! Things I just unabashedly liked about this film (spoilers for the film, obviously) Can we say, 'I like this ship! Exciting!' )

SECOND! The 'ship that I never knew I wanted Soo much love and I didn't even know it )

THIRD The female character I never knew I wanted! Uhura, why are you so cool? )

And some links to cool things in this emerging/born again fandom:

The comprehensive news comm: [livejournal.com profile] trek_news

The shipper comm: [livejournal.com profile] spock_uhura

The kink!Meme that is awesome: [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink and a list of recs for Spock/Uhura form the meme.

And my newest OT3 obsession can be blamed on these two porny ficlets: first is here and the sequel

READ this post if you're concerned at all about the portrayal Uhura. This post is awesome for all sorts of reason, but mostly because I'm fascinated by analysis of gender and gender portrayals in science fiction and she goes there and is way more eloquent and well-spoken than I could hope to be on the subject.