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2006-03-09 01:26 pm
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I'm really obsessing on Firefly/Serenity at the moment! I've had the DVD sets close to me for about a week. I've made a few icons and I keep working on a wallpaper that is just not wanting to come together. Oh muse, where art thou? Probably lost in the black looking for Mal, but that's not the point.

Just a few things to share:

Shiny shirts!

This site is amazing! I love all of the shirts! My favorites are the Nandi's Saloon and Bordello (I would totally wear it too) and the Buddha one. The shirts are fun and I should have bought one when he was selling from his website. Now they're only available at conventions. I may actually have to attend ComiCon this year. Hmm, twist my arm, ya know?

My love for this show is beyond words... but not beyond my financial means considering I just bought the Firefly soundtrack, Finding Serenity, the Visual Companion, and the CD that the Bedlam Bards put out, On the Drift.

The Frames. I'm listing to For the Birds. You can listen to the amazon sampler here Very awesome, alternative classical and some guitar and an amazing lead singer with a kind of deep drawl. Lovely.