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I was bored and thought "what better way of curing said boredom...?" A Picspam about Teyla. I dug through my harddrive and found these lovely images. Most of them are courtesy of a web group that's no longer available thanks to the bigwigs shutting it down. I'm blanking on the name of the site now.

Anyway... enjoy.

First I'll start out with Team!Teyla!

Ahh, early days.

I like this photo because of the way the frame is set up. All the relationships between the characters can be seen from how they're set up here. Or it's just a framed shot.

And here with Ronon! I like the transition between Teyla immediatly donning the uniform of the SGA to later, with Ronon, the entire team becoming more relaxed and Teyla keeping that purple shirt until it must have fallen apart. Someone should do a clothing meta... The purple shirt alone is interesting character stuff, but then you might have to explain that bizarre rainbow number from 38 minutes.

More concern over their team leader.

Some Teyla kicking ass and generally being awesome:

And here

I love this shot! Teyla looks amazing and there's the concern over John and everyone else. I like it.

These are some more beautiful shots.

And this classic set, I've only uploaded one just to tide you over. =)

That's all for now.


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